First semiconductor manufacturing plant in Latin America designed for the development of innovative solutions in information technology with high-quality standards.


The National Center of Advanced Electronic Technology (CEITEC) plant is located in the city of Porto Alegre. As well as the construction of the R&D and production building comprising an 800 m2 Clean Room Class 100 and a 500 m2 of Clean Room Class 10,000, Racional performed construction of a three-story administration building.


The R&D building required complex filtering and air conditioning systems for the elimination of gases and fluids.


  • Technical sheet

    City: Porto Alegre – RIO GRANDE DO SUL STATE
    Built-up area: 14,700 m² (2.000 m² Clean Rooms and 800 m² of Clean Room Class 100)
    Execution timeframe: 24 months
    Year of completion: 2010
    Client: Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Hiring mode

    General Contractor (GC)

  • Project differentials

    The building was initially designed with clean room areas close to the highway. Due to the vibrations caused by heavy traffic, the production area floor plan was shifted 180º so as to allow the clean rooms to remain as far as possible from the highway.


    There was also a quarry in the vicinity of the plant operating with rock blasts at scheduled times. Initial studies for vibration transmission indicated that the project needed modifications. Existing soil material could propagate vibration waves and reach the room table through the ground at speeds above those allowed for semiconductor plants. Therefore, the diameter of the room’s foundation piles had to be changed, wall thickening had to be added to the structure and further changes had to be introduced such as anti-vibration insulation.


    The clean rooms for semiconductor production had to be kept under strict temperature and humidity control. In order to minimize external impacts, the walls and ceiling in the clean rooms were built with special insulation to insulate external temperature changes and prevent humidity from reaching the rooms.


    The plant was built in compliance with environmental and sustainable construction standards. The wastewater generated is treated and the water returned to nature is often purer than the water originally collected. Furthermore, several safety measures were introduced to avoid hazardous materials from being released into the atmosphere.

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