Centeranel Raposo

This logistics park measures 107,000 m² and features three warehouses subdivided into smaller modules and support areas.


Centeranel Raposo was designed following the latest concepts used at the world’s major logistics centers. Its design allows for the adaptation of buildings and services to obtain the necessary licenses for handling and storing specific types of goods (pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.).

  • Technical sheet

    City: São Paulo
    Built-up Area: 107,000 m²
    Execution timeframe: 11 months
    Year of completion: 2011
    Client: Racional Empreendimentos

  • Hiring mode

    Design and Build (D&B)

  • Certifications

    This logistiscs park achieved LEED Gold environmental certification in the Core & Shell category.
    A series of water reuse concepts were deployed from rainwater harvesting through paving built with concrete blockettes to wastewater treatment by microbiological action.
    These items combined with the use of an artesian well enabled average water consumption not to exceed R$2 per m³. Moreover, the implementation of a "big pool" helps protect the neighborhood from possible flooding.
    The roofs are covered with rockwool for extra insulation and natural lighting is done by means of a dome enabling air renewal of the air through convection. With this, the temperature inside the warehouse does not exceed 26ºC.

  • Project differentials

    Key Project Differentiators Racional built a gravity retaining wall as the site contained a thalweg.


    Magnetic plates were installed on the landfill site to keep up with the settling of the soil.


    The prestressed floor technique was used in blocks B and C.


    The facility won the 3rd ANAPRE Award for Flatness and Leveling.

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