GE Global Research Center

The GE Gobal Research Center was built at Ilha do Fundão in Rio de Janeiro to deliver state-of-the-art technology. This is the first GE R&D facility to be built in Latin America.


Half of the area measuring 24,000 m2 is occupied by laboratories for the development of advanced technologies geared to oil and gas, renewable energy, aviation, railways, and healthcare.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Rio de Janeiro
    Built-up area: 24,642 m²
    Execution timeframe: 22 months
    Year of completion: 2014
    Client: GE – General Electric Capital Corporation

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  • Project differentials

    The facade of the building features a complex architecture including curved planes and built with lozenge glass and aluminum. The project required detailed engineering design, strict quality material manufacturing control, and stringent assembly supervision.


    Among other key features of the project are its foundation solutions necessary due to the different types of soil including residual soil, rock, low resistance landfill, and landfill material from the site. These conditions required a mix of solutions for the implementation of direct and deep foundations.


    The pipe test “pools” and other underwater equipment were staked to improve structure resistance and soil bearing conditions. However, to allow pre-proof waterproofing before concreting, stakes were braced from end to end for full excavation and concreting from the base up. 

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