Racional Engenharia discloses its Whistleblower Channel and Code of Conduct to external stakeholders


Racional Engenharia, a benchmark company for the Brazilian construction market, has disclosed its new Whistleblower Channel to its external stakeholders so as to increasingly ensure ethics and transparency in its business and strengthen the trust of its partners.

Racional’s new communication channel is a safe platform for its employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders to send suggestions, make complaints or enquire about the company's practices. All information is collected anonymously by the independent consulting and audit firm TMG Group BV, which acquired the outsourcing division of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

In line with its ethics and transparency principles, Racional Engenharia has also published its Code of Conduct. The publication contains the values ​​that have guided the company for over 40 years and provides all its stakeholders with key drivers to ensure consistency in decision making. The Code also explains in detail how the company thinks and acts towards its employees, customers, suppliers and competitors, as well as its social and environmental policies and public sphere.

Click here to view Racional Engenharia’s Whistleblower Channel and Code of Conduct.