• Commitment to the environment

    Since our foundation 50 years ago, we have stood out for the organization and cleanliness standards of our construction sites. This was the beginning of our journey towards sustainability awareness that has expanded into various initiatives.

    As an example, our Waste Management Program takes into account the full materials cycle to reduce waste and allow reuse on the construction site. All the waste we generate is disposed of sustainably.

    We engage our employees in our commitment to sustainability and encourage them to participate in regular environmental education and awareness activities.
  • Supply chain development

    We strengthen relations with our supply chain by working in an integrated manner with our suppliers and in line with our strategy and values.

    One of our actions towards this is the Construction Entrepreneurs Program, a groundbreaking program in the industry that offers basic training in business management to micro and small entrepreneurs specialized in the provision of labor services. The program addresses business management, production and sustainability issues. Entrepreneurs who attend the course are better prepared to face the challenges of the sector and grow in a sustainable way.
  • Community development

    To boost community development, we promote everything from environmental lectures in local schools to repairs of public use equipment in neighboring communities to our construction sites, according to identified local needs.

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  • Quality of life

    Several initiatives are carried out aimed at improving the quality of life and leisure of all our direct and contract employees working on our construction sites and at our Head Office in São Paulo.
  • Learning is Growth Program

    We are pioneers in literacy courses on construction sites in Brazil and since 1987 we have provided literacy programs to our site employees and contract workers.

    In response to current demands, we started offering digital inclusion and professional training courses in partnership with local institutions.

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  • Good Neighbor Policy

    We seek to create communication links with neighboring communities that allow us, on the one hand, to extend the benefits of the project to the neighborhood and, on the other, to welcome suggestions from local residents.

    Based on this vision, we implemented several impact reduction solutions, including the use of a truck wheel washing facility to keep the roads around our construction sites clean and dust free.
  • Future Professionals Program

    Racional actively participates in academic events and encourages technical knowledge exchange between our professionals and the students who will be future industry professionals. Whenever possible, we organize onsite visits for Engineering students during the execution of our construction works and attend Engineering Weeks promoted by some universities.
  • Volunteer Program

    We carry out volunteer activities with our employees, such as campaigns for blood donation, and donation of clothes and personal hygiene products, among others.

    We also partner up with Brazilian NGOs like PROA, which offers professional training courses to teenagers living in low-income communities in São Paulo. As well as the participation of employees as volunteers in activities with young people, we also hire apprentices from those communities to work as interns at Racional.
  • Tô Sabendo Program

    On a monthly basis, we give lectures at our construction sites to address work-related issues and other issues of public interest, such as health, education and the environment.

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