Governance Architecture

Racional’s focus on longevity

Racional's corporate governance structure is based on four decision-making bodies:

  • Family Council

    Made up of the heirs of the founding shareholder, the Family Council monitors Racional’s management with the purpose of protecting the continuity of the business and ensuring that its values are preserved and perpetuated. The Council is also in charge of the Company’s succession plan.

  • Chairman

    A position held by one of the controlling shareholders and currently assumed by Racional’s founder, Newton Simões. The Chairman also participates in the Company’s other three bodies, as an advisor to the Family Council and providing his strategic vision of the business, which is shared with the CEO.

  • Advisory Board

    Monitors and evaluates the company's performance, advising the Board of Executive Officers on best management practices. The Advisory Board is made up of independent external advisors with extensive professional experience and is joined by Racional’s Chairman. Depending on the issue addressed, the Company's main officers are also invited to serve as members.

  • Board of Executive Officers

    This Board is responsible for executing the Company's Strategic Plan, ensuring the delivery of Racional's results and managing inherent risks. It is composed of corporate officers and the CEO.

The following bodies complement Racional’s Corporate Governance structure:

  • External Audit

    This body acts independently and analyzes financial information and accounting statements in order to ensure the integrity of internal records and controls.

  • Ethics Committee

    Is responsible for ensuring respect for the values and ethical principles that guide the conduct of Racional, its employees and supply chain. The Ethics Committee also guarantees the dissemination of and adherence to the Company’s Code of Conduct, which includes evaluating the notifications received through the Whistleblower Channel and deciding on appropriate measures. The Committee is made up by the Board of Executive Officers and the Legal area leader.

  • Management Committee

    Is composed of Company officers and provides support to the Advisory Board and the Board of Executive Officers with decision-making information through studies and analyses by experts working in different Racional areas, such as Operations, Business Development, Human Resources, Sustainability and IT.

  • Alignment Forums

    A platform for discussion and dissemination of strategic content among Company leaders and their teams. The forums are held periodically and are intended to be a dissemination channel for all employees to voice their opinion.

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