People are the cornerstone of our success

All our employees in their different roles and positions are crucial to building the company we want to be.

People Management

We encourage a healthy organizational climate based on a collaborative environment that fosters the exchange of knowledge and continuous development. For this, we rely on fair and transparent policies and processes within a meritocratic model for performance recognition. Our encouragement to seek continuous learning and evolution is rooted in our Inspiration: “Ultimately, we are all workers in construction.”


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Our direct and contract employees’ health and well-being are our top priorities. For this, we adopt strict criteria to ensure the best working conditions, health and safety to our employees.

Our safety culture through the practices that we incorporate in our work routine has allowed us to set a benchmark for the Brazilian civil construction sector. Our key performance indicators, such as accident frequency and severity rates, are well below those established by the ILO and are improving every year.


  • Preventive actions

    We offer training courses and awareness lectures, health and vaccination campaigns, and dental treatment to our employees and contract workers.

  • Onsite health and safety monitoring

    Our OHS teams work to reduce onsite risks and accidents, and eliminate occupational diseases.

  • External audits

    External auditors monitor worksite performance with regard to OHS issues.

  • Internal audits

    Carried out onsite and on the workers’ quarters maintained by suppliers to ensure compliance with worker documents and optimal health and safety conditions.

  • Planning

    From the initial planning of construction work to delivery of the project, we assume the responsibility for reducing environmental impacts, including impacts on the neighboring communities to our construction sites.

  • Sustainability plan

    We develop specific sustainability plans for each project and we provide our employees with regular sustainability training and awareness programs.

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