Torre Z

A state-of-the-art high-standard corporate AAA building located in an upscale business district in São Paulo. It was built using the Core & Shell concept which allows for total flexibility of floor plan, finish and systems distribution by end user.


The building features three underground floors, ground floor, seven intermediate floors, 20 mezzanine-type floors, attic and top floor with a technical area totaling 27 floors. The project adopted various hi-tech sustainable solutions leading to LEED Gold certification. Racional was also in charge of the project coordination.


  • Technical sheet

    City: São Paulo
    Built-up area: 86,908 m²
    Execution timeframe: 35 months
    Year of completion: 2013
    Client: VR Desenvolvimento Imobiliário e Braldecar Empreendimentos

  • Hiring mode

    Construction Manager at Risk (CM@Risk)

  • Certifications

    Torre Z is a LEED Gold certified building.

  • Project differentials

    The building uses the Unitized System, an innovative façade technology which enables quicker construction.


    The building also features a special glazing system using high performance and low energy transmission laminated glass attached to the aluminum profiles by means of high performance structural silicone.


    The unitized facade system is composed of two-dimensional modular panels, laminated glass panels, decorative granite and shadow box. The use of a Spyder Mast on the tower and surrounding areas allowed for greater speed in the application of concrete and improved quality.


    The project features electronic and communication systems by means of technical rooms and specific shafts enabling access to various operators and provision of optical fiber for high speed voice, data and image transmission. The building is equipped with six modern high speed elevators, serving high and low zones with an intermediate floor for transfers, thus avoiding long waits during peak periods.


    It also has an innovative water reuse system and drinking water points that use a water flow control system based on sustainability and environmental concepts. The runoff water from air conditioning is used to fill the building tanks. A grey water treatment system is used for plant irrigation, floor washing and to supply the cooling towers.


    In order to guarantee low power consumption the office areas are designed with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.8 meters and large windows that rise to the ceiling, thus ensuring a bright, pleasant and productive workplace environment. The efficiency of the project and its state-of-the-art air conditioning, automation, telecommunications, elevators, water and electrical systems, facade, parking and others features of the building led it to obtain a triple A rating as per the Poli-USP NRE standard.


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