Village Mall Shopping Center

An upscale shopping facility in Rio de Janeiro’s Barra da Tijuca district on the Tijuca Lake. The mall is conveniently served by a good transport infrastructure.


The mall boasts six floors, three for stores, cinemas and restaurants and three floors for parking. It also features a 1060-seat theater and premium movie theaters with state-of-the-art technology.


Geared to high-end customers, the mall offers luxury brands and fashionable restaurants in a modern and airy environment with a beautiful view of the lake.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Rio de Janeiro
    Built-up area: 125,128 m²
    GLA: 25,685 m²
    Facilities: 106 stores, 4 movie theaters, 1,700 parking spaces
    Execution timeframe: 25 months
    Year of completion: 2012
    Client: Grupo Multiplan

  • Hiring mode

    General Contractor (GC)

  • Project differentials


    Superior finish and innovative facilities and wall cladding were used for this large scale shopping mall project. The building required high adaptability and flexibility for technological solutions that would allow for the execution of services in the agreed timeframe.


    Another key differentiator was the implementation of the basement slab using HDPE waterproofing technology. This system offers unique adherence to the concrete once the basement slab is laid, thus allowing for the identification of trouble spots and their correction.


    The building boasts 8,000 m² of glass in its skylights and atrium, therefore making the best use of natural light.


    In 2011, this project won the 8th Corporate Architecture Award in the Building Project category a standout in the Brazilian commercial building sector. The building features green roof and AqcquaCiclos technology grey water treatment system that for reuse and a rainwater collection system for non-potable purposes. For environmental reasons bentonitic mud was not used for soil stabilization. A biodegradable and inert polymer was used to avoid environmental impacts. Electric showers in changing rooms were replaced with showers with warm water provided by solar heating. Power savings resulting from solar heating is equal to approximately 100 electric showers.

    Latin American Shopping Center Awards, organized by the international Shopping Centers Committee (ICSC), awarded a gold medal to the Village Mall.

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