Itaú Technology Center

The largest datacenter in Latin America is responsible for processing and storing data related to Banco Itaú customers transactions. The facility is designed to meet the demands of services up until 2050 with a processing capacity 25 times greater than that currently needed.


Racional’s services comprised basic and detailed engineering designs and full construction of the facility.


The first phase of the project was completed in 2014 and included two high-availability and storage redundancy datacenters to ensure uninterrupted services. One of the key features of this impressive large-scale project was the installation of four thousand kilometers of cables.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Mogi Mirim – SÂO PAULO STATE
    Certifications: TIER III and LEED Gold
    Built-up area: 76,200 m²
    Data Hall area: 4 data halls 2.400 m² each totaling 9.600 m²
    Execution timeframe: 30 months
    Year of completion: 2014
    Client: Itaú

  • Hiring mode

    Construction Manager at Risk (CM@Risk)

  • Certifications

    This building met Tier 3 requirements for Continuity and Availability which ensures that the datacenter is ready to operate without interruption.

    The building also achieved LEED Gold certification for sustainable construction. The sustainability guidelines were considered across all project phases (design, construction and operation).

    Despite occupying an area 77% larger, the new Itaú Technology Center will operate with a 43% reduction in energy consumption compared to other existing Banco Itaú datacenters.

  • Project differentials

    The main goal of this project was to build a mission critical facility, a term used to describe the availability of applications, services and processes where downtime or loss of important data may lead to financial as well social disturbances. To do so, several different types of equipment and technologies are used in the datacenter to enable failure tolerance and high availability.

    Each datacenter features two data halls where 256 Remote Power Panels are located. This is the “heart” of the facility.


    Each datacenter is equipped with the following contingency and redundancy equipment:

    • Six emergency generators with a capacity for 4.025 kVA - 3.250 kW/13,8 KV;
    • Three diesel tanks to supply the generators with a capacity of 60,000 liters each;
    • Six chillers 850 TR/480 V and 1 chiller 375 TR/480 V;
    • Six chilling towers 850 TR/ 480 V and a 375 TR/480 V tower.


    The complex includes a power substation with 90 MW of installed capacity enough to supply a city of 140,000 inhabitants.

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