Tietê Plaza Shopping Mall

A bold and modern project offering a mix of stores and complete infrastructure for the area where it was built, which had no large-scale shopping facilities.


The mall features six floors of which three are for parking, two for stores, and one for the food court and movie theatres. The food court offers a panoramic view of the city.


In 2014 the Brazilian Association for Industrial Concrete Construction (ABCIC) granted this project the Pre-fabricated Concrete Construction of the Year Award.


The projects successfully attained LEED Gold certification, the first granted to a shopping mall in the state of São Paulo. 

  • Technical sheet

    City: São Paulo –
    Built-up area: 135,000 m²
    GLA: 36,060 m²
    Facilities: 187 satellite stores, 14 anchor stores and megastores, 29 restaurants, 7 movie theaters, one theater and sheltered parking for 2,739 cars
    Execution time: 19 months
    Year of completion: 2013
    Client: CCP Marfim Empreendimentos Mobiliários Ltda.

  • Hiring mode

    General Contractor (GC)

  • Certifications

    This project achieved LEED Silver certification.

    The jobsite used paint with low VOC content created from a new technology that prevents air pollution and health hazards like allergies and skin rashes, a wheel washing system with water reuse, certified wood, aerators and water flow reducers to prevent water waste, and lamps and equipment bearing the Procel quality seal for greater energy savings.
    The mall reached a 66% savings of potable water by implementing more efficient equiipment and treatment of 95% wastewater. Only 5% of the volume of wastewater is discharged into the city's sewer collection system.
    During the construction phase. an indoor air quality plan was implemented to ensure that the construction procedures did not affect the air quality inside the building. 49% of the materials applied were extracted and processed/produced within a radius of 800 km from the site, thus reducing transportation costs and impacts.
    During the mall's execution, measures for erosion control, soil sedimentation and pollution were defined such as wheel-washing system, control of contaminated materials, culvert protection, etc.
    The mall was also designed with the purpose of reducing power consumption during operation. For this, it relies on energy efficient systems and strategies that reduce direct or indirect power consumption. These actions contributed to an energy performance 15% betterer than a conventional building. Furthermore, the mall features a network of individual power meters for areas of future retailers, thus contributing to a better management of the consumed energy.

    To reduce "heat islands", the garage roof uses high reflectance tiles to reduce the urban heat island effect.

  • Project differentials

    The use of precast structure systems and facade panels earned the Tietê Shopping Mall the Precast Concrete Construction of the Year Award in 2014 granted by ABCIC. The award recognizes architectural projects which combine aesthetic beauty and innovation using precast concrete structures.


    Logistics was one the project’s greatest challenges. Pillars measuring 24 m high were laid and assembled using a crane and other two simultaneous cranes were used to assemble the other parts. A large corridor was left for assembly of the steel roof and 13-meter beams were used. Various components had to be modified to reach maximum crane weight, i.e., use of light concrete and a box caisson with EPS coating.


    The food court is covered by a disc-shaped steel roof which had to be fixed to the precast structure. This posed a challenge as the steel and concrete structures had to be jointly processed.


    The façade steel pillars are slanted, while the precast structure bears the horizontal loads.

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