Club Mediterranée Village Itaparica

The Village Itaparica is the first Club Med resort to be built in Brazil. Its architecture blends in with the natural beauty of the Bahia State coast and features bungalows on stilts connected by bridges.

It boasts 360 rooms, two pools, 14 tennis courts, a multisports gym, golf course, soccer pitch and a 720 m² convention center with capacity for 650 people.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Itaparica – BAHIA STATE
    Built-up area: 27,230 m²
    Number of rooms: 360
    Execution timeframe: 23 months
    Year of completion: 1979
    Client: Itaparica S.A. Empreendimentos Turísticos Club Mediterranée

  • Hiring mode

    General Contractor (GC)

  • Project differentials

    A major hurdle in the construction of the Village Itaparica resort was its distance from urban centers and lack of skilled labor and raw materials. Racional’s supply chain was reviewed and new materials and techniques were researched to find adequate solutions to build the resort.   

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