Florianópolis International Airport

After forging a strong partnership with BH Airport, Racional was chosen by the Swiss operator Zurich Airport AG (Floripa Airport) as its engineering partner for upgrade and expansion works of the Florianópolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz in Santa Catarina State. This is the fourth concession bid round won by Racional covering four Brazilian airports. 


We were commissioned under a Design & Build contract to develop the pre-construction designs with the purpose of ensuring the viability of CAPEX for the client. After this step was successfully completed, we proceeded with the construction of the project that entailed delivery with the airport in full operation.


Tobias Markert, CEO of Floripa Airport, points out that "Racional has proven to be more than just a supplier as it understands the cooperation between the owner and the construction company as a partnership." According to Markert, the close cooperation between both companies allowed Racional to continuously optimize the project until it was fully in line with Floripa Airport's expectations within the available budget.


Among the project’s key features are: readjustment of access roads, completion of the aircraft parking apron, groundfloor parking for 2,530 spaces, new parking for tourist and city buses, a new access flyover and expansion of road shoulders, a new Passenger Terminal with 10 boarding bridges, adaptation of the ready lane and implementation of the RESA – runway end safety area.


Racional is responsible for all basic and detailed engineering designs of the project, such as architecture, foundations, structure, process equipment materials, façades, waterproofing, infrastructure, landscaping, operating furniture, lighting, wayfinding, BMS (Building Management System), and airport electronic systems. It is also in charge of providing engineering support for the procurement of special equipment, besides memorials and preliminary designs for PGI (Infrastructure Management Plan) and construction.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Florianópolis – Santa Catarina State, Brazil

    Built area: 45,000 sqm new terminal; 420,394 sqm outdoor area

    Year of completion: 2019

    Client: Floripa Airport (Zurich Airport AG)

  • Hiring mode

    Design & Build

  • Project differentials

    The project uses VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) concepts from the BIM (Building Information Modeling) model especially developed for this kind of project. It also employs an energy efficient model to ensure efficiency of air conditioning and lighting systems and a water reuse system. In the planning phase, Racional adopts lean construction concepts, design for material flow, and executive processes.

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