Ford Camaçari

The Ford Nordeste Industrial Complex turned into an automotive and development hub for the region. It has a production capacity of 250,000 cars a year. The plant has brought great social transformations to that area and introduced innovative concepts for production and environmental protection.


Racional was hired under a Design and Build contract and participated in project elaboration and in the construction of the industrial complex designed for the production of new vehicles.


The partnership between Racional and Ford for this development lasted for eight years and the project involved various stages and services for the expansion of three buildings and construction of another three buildings.


  • Technical sheet

    City: Camaçari – BA
    Built-up area:290,000 m²
    Execution timeframe: 18 months
    Year of completion: 2006
    Client: Ford Motors

  • Hiring mode

    Design and Build (D&B)

  • Project differentials

    The plant features an innovative production model called sequenced modular assembly used for the first time at Ford. This involves the direct participation of suppliers on assembly lines and in the production process (not only supplying vehicle parts) sharing installations and responsibilities.


    Racional received the following awards from Ford:


    • Ford Q1 Award
    Racional Engenharia is the first Brazilian construction company to become part of a select group of suppliers that have reached excellence in the provision of services in areas considered strategic to Ford. This award qualifies Racional to work with Ford in any country.


    • Ford Motor Company
    Racional won three of the most important awards presented by Ford in 2000: Supplier of the Year, Ford Motor Company Brazil, in the Services category; Ford Motor Company Brazil Excellence Award for Engineering and Construction services; and the international Gold World Excellence Award that placed the company among the best in the world in services rendered to Ford.

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