Racional delivers excellence across the entire lifecycle of its projects

Racional works with different types of construction contracts usually defined jointly with the owner, according to its business culture, the characteristics of the company and depending on how mature the project is.

  • Design & Build

    Under a D&B contract, Racional is responsible from the creation of the business plan to the final delivery of the construction project. This allows us to apply all our expertise and know-how to the project with an integrated view of engineering and construction.

    We are also in charge of managing the designers’ team and the construction works supply chain.

    The D&B contract brings significant gains in cost reduction, quality and time, allowing us to bring forward the delivery of the project, since its planning and execution is carried out in parallel with the development of the designs – a method known as fast-track construction – without putting the project assumptions at risk.

  • Construction Management at Risk (CM@Risk)

    Under a CM@Risk contract, Racional manages the project from pre-construction to final delivery, using all its engineering expertise to complete the full scope of work. The team of designers is defined and hired by the owner with the support of Racional.

    Furthermore, Racional is responsible for defining the total costs from pre-construction to final construction, while ensuring the quality and performance expected by the owner.

    The CM@Risk contract also enables fast-track construction (building plan and execution in parallel with the development of designs), thus contributing to the early delivery of the project.

  • General Contractor (GC)

    Under a GC contract, Racional is responsible for the construction of the project only and construction works are based on the design documents provided by the owner.

    Although this contract does not provide for the pre-construction phase, we continually explore opportunities throughout the construction stage to optimize designs and their constructability aimed at exceeding time, cost and quality expectations. This is done through an integrated activities plan, critical design analysis and thorough supply and logistics management.

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