Integrated engineering and construction vision

We strongly believe in the interdependence between Engineering and Construction across all phases of a project life cycle. Since our foundation, we have sought to bring a broader engineering perspective that contributes to the productivity and quality of our construction contracts.

From this perspective, we lend our skills in the formulation of solutions to logistics and building processes that are incorporated into the engineering designs, especially when we operate from the pre-construction phase.

This has allowed us to develop our engineering expertise and intelligence in the past 50 years to provide innovative, tailor-made and competitive solutions that ensure the viability of our clients' businesses.

  • Pre-Construction

    When we work in the pre-construction phase we have the opportunity to propose solutions to the project from the preparation of CAPEX to critical deliverables that guarantee its success.

    The pre-construction phase begins by defining architectural needs and develops through the integration of all complementary elements, including execution schedule, quality management plan, price formation, logistics and constructability analysis, value engineering, sustainability and permits.

  • Construction

    In this phase, we execute the construction based on the designs provided by the client, including scope management, deadlines, costs and quality, all according to the project requirements.

    We have a dynamic and committed business approach whereby we collaborate with the delivery of the best engineering and construction solutions with a focus on productivity and quality.


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