Sustainable solutions for the civil construction industry

Racional delivers Pre-Construction and Construction services using groundbreaking techniques and processes to overcome social and environmental challenges. Therefore, we are solution oriented builders.

All construction projects undertaken by Racional include a sustainability plan, regardless of certifications. Identifying and reducing environmental impacts is part of our institutional practices, as is mitigating risks and working for the development of our stakeholders.

Every project we undertake is unique. And from the sustainability standpoint it is no different. This is how we face the risks, impacts and opportunities presented by each project. We are always seeking the best solution.

Social and Environmental Management

Our Social and Environmental Management program includes indicators that measure and monitor the performance of each project.

The program follows environmental guidelines divided into 11 themed areas:

Our responsibility to ensuring good social and environmental results is shared by the entire team. This culture of sharing results across functions is increasingly being fostered by the company and has enabled the development of various innovative solutions at our construction sites and successful experiences are passed on to other company sites.

Check out some of our Responsible Management initiatives:

  • Sustainable construction sites

    Racional construction sites are designed to integrate teams and a series of initiatives have been taken by the company to make them more sustainable.

    Here are some examples:
    • Reuse of materials from prior construction works
    • Equipment bearing the Procel seal for energy savings
    • Certified wood and paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOC)
    • Reuse of water and, wherever possible, a Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Gardens for a pleasant and healthy environment
  • Construction waste

    • Initiatives undertaken for reduction and reuse of waste at Racional’s construction sites
    • Control, selection, storage and correct destination for each type of waste
    • Treatment of paint waste to avoid contamination of waterways and water tables
  • Contaminated soil

    • Soil protection
    • Mitigation kit
    • Storage of chemical products
  • Vegetation supression

    • Remaining animal care and reintroduction of animals in their habitat
    • Transformation of flora into biomass
    • Tree protection
  • Erosion and sedimentation

    • Wheel washing and concrete mixer washing facilities with water reuse and a settling tank to guarantee the quality of water to be disposed of
    • Dust control using reused water from the wheel washer and use of gravel from the concrete mixer washing facility on access routes
    • Protection of slopes and of surrounding areas with recycled materials
  • Air quality

    • Smoking area
    • Control of black smoke to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    • Improvement of the work environment to ensure air quality
    • Protection of ducts to ensure air quality
  • Environmental education

    • Signposting
    • Ongoing training
    • Awareness raising through clean-up of work areas
    • Control the use of natural resources


Racional Engenharia was one of the first engineering companies in Brazil to be certified in sustainable construction.

We are prepared to deliver our construction projects with the highest sustainability standards as we hold certifications such as LEED, Procel Edifica, and Aqua, among other. We adopt value engineering and adapt each of our projects to ensure the desired certification in an efficient and economically viable manner.

We attained LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for iconic buildings such as Brazil’s first certified commercial building – Cidade Nova in Rio de Janeiro – and the first certified datacenter in Latin America – Telefônica Vivo Datacenter.

We now have acquired the necessary expertise and the trust from our clients to guarantee delivery of LEED certified projects in various segments. Our portfolio includes 10 certified buildings and another five currently undergoing certification.

LEED certified buildings

Cidade Nova Building Certified
Morumbi Corporate Building Gold
Z Tower Gold
Albert Einstein Hospital - Perdizes Silver
Albert Einstein Hospital - Morumbi Gold (initially seeking only the Certified credit)
Telefônica Vivo Datacenter Gold (initially seeking the Silver certification)
Itaú Technology Center Gold
Ecopátio Bracor Imigrantes Gold
Centeranel Raposo Gold
Tietê Plaza Shopping Mall Silver

Building undergoing LEED certification

These buildings are currently seeking LEED Gold certification:

  • Oswaldo Cruz Hospital
  • Hilton Barra Hotel
  • Datacenter - Confidential
  • Research center - Confidential
  • Industrial Center - Confidential

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