The Racional way of being

We are constantly in search of increasingly sustainable and balanced construction projects. We can only achieve this by valuing the diversity of thought and knowledge within the company and by fostering a collaborative culture.

People are the key asset of Racional Engenharia. They are the very pillars of our business and allow us to find solutions to keep up with the changes inherent in our industry.

To keep our business alive and working, we recognize the performance of each individual within our organization and provide an environment that enables professional development.

We value the integrity of our relationship with our stakeholders and encourage them to learn, explore and grow.

Our organizational culture is epitomized by our key fundamentals which underpin our way of being and how we interact with each other:

  • Inspiration

    Ultimately, we are all “workers in construction”.

  • Mission

    To develop engineering solutions and build buildings in an innovative and competitive way, thus contributing to a better society.

  • Vision

    To be the most reliable brand in our market.

  • Values

    We promote experiences that reflect the integrity and skills of our people and the organization. This is the beginning and the end of everything we do.

    We express our Values through our attitude and the organization of our workplace environment. We ensure that form reflects our content.

    We anticipate the need and seek the solution. Our attitude is the result of solution combined with movement.

    We are interested both in the process and the result of a project. We are bound by the attitude of continually seeking the success of our projects.

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