Sirius Project

Racional is currently building largest and most complex scientific infrastructure in Brazil. Named Sirius Project, the facility comprises the new 4th generation particle accelerator of the Síncrotron National Light Laboratory, the most modern R&D center in Latin America developed by CNPEM (National Center for Research in Energy and Materials).


When ready, the facility will be among the most sophisticated R&D buildings in Brazil with groundbreaking mechanical and thermal stability requirements that will challenge Brazilian engineering.


This is the recognition of Racional Engenharia’s skills and expertise to deliver high complexity projects.

  • Technical sheet

    City: Campinas – São Paulo State
    Built-up area: 68,000 m²
    Completion: 2018
    Client: CNPEM (National Center for Research in Energy and Materials)


  • Hiring mode

    General Contractor (GC)

  • Project differentials

    The entire building will be built to ensure the performance of accelerators and will feature staked floor, soil reinforcement, high floor, 60 and 90 cm structural floor, armored test tunnel with walls 100 cm thick to ensure total blocking of radiation during use of accelerators. Processes for the production, application and development of concrete structures are subject to strict quality control.


    Another key technical aspect of this project is the calendered conical roof of 42,000 m2 which features complex geometry and one of the lowest thermal transmittance rates on the market.


    See video for the architectural design details of the project.

  • Sirius Project


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