A dynamic management model for tailor-made projects

We are a project oriented company and we have a solid structure, method and discipline to implement our projects from beginning to end.

Based on best project management practices established by the PMI – Project Management Institute (PMBOK), Racional developed a unique and exclusive management model: Racional Quality and Performance Program (PRqd). The concept for this model came from the acknowledgement of the reality of our operations, business culture and the particularities of the Brazilian civil engineering sector.

The PRqd program was launched in 2007 following our experience with the ISO 9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18000 certification standards in our Integrated Management Systems for quality, the environment, occupational safety and health, among other requirements.

The PRqd has helped expand the ISO scope and enables a faster project execution, while bridging the gap between planning and execution based on various drivers, especially quality and productivity.

This also affords greater autonomy for our teams to face the challenges of each project in a dynamic and flexible way, thus ensuring its effective performance and governance. It also allows for the project to be audited by independent companies, including the quality, safety and occupational health areas.

The PRqd maps all the critical processes of our projects and organizes our practices and routines into 12 knowledge areas:

  • PRqd knowledge areas
    • Integration
    • Communication
    • Scope
    • Quality
    • Supply Chain
    • Timeframe
    • Costs
    • Team
    • Risks
    • OSH (Ocupational safety & Health)
    • Social & Environmental
    • Cash

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