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Racional can provide services under three main contract types according to the particularities of the project and the client’s business culture.

The contract type is based on the role and responsibility that we assume as well as the level of involvement that we will have in the development and execution of the project.

Below is a description of each type of contract:

  • Design & Builder (D&B)

    Under a D&B contract, Racional is responsible for the preparation of all architecture designs and for management of the project designers team. In parallel to this, we undertake planning and execution of the construction which includes management of the entire supply chain to meet expectations regarding quality, timeframe and cost targets.

    Our work begins from the Pre-Construction phase and extends through to the final delivery of the project. This allows us to use our expertise and knowledge with an integrated view of engineering and construction throughout the entire project lifecycle.

    The D&B contract enables us to optimize the construction time and use the fast-track construction delivery method.

  • Construction Manager at Risk (CM@Risk)

    Under a CM@Risk contract, Racional is responsible for the development of supplementary designs from the pre-designs to define costs and execute construction works, while ensuring the quality and performance expected by the client.

    Under the CM@Risk contract, the Pre-Construction phase is carried out in partnership with the client and our engineering knowledge is applied to the detailed design. Furthermore, we can be hired to join the project while the design documents are being prepared by Architecture and Engineering professionals chosen by the client.

    Therefore, our role regarding the development of the designs is dependent on the level of management and involvement that the client assigns to us and to our team of designers.

    In some cases, the CM@risk contract enables the use of the fast-track construction delivery method.

  • General Contractor (GC)

    Under a GC contract, Racional is in charge of Construction services only and executes construction works based on the detailed engineering designs provided by the client.

    Although we do not take part in the Pre-construction phase, we are continuously seeking to optimize the designs and exceed client expectations with regard to timeframe, cost and quality targets. This is possible thanks to our integrated activity planning, critical analysis of the designs and our supply chain and logistics management.

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